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Thanks to everyone who tuned in today to watch the press conference. I'm thrilled to be a part of the NCPC campaign to educate consumers about intellectual property and specifically fair payment for musicians. Check out an article on the campaign at Yahoo Finance. I'll send a link to the PSA as soon as I have one!



RT @ABCPolitics: Thousands of counter-demonstrators surrounded the area cordoned for "free speech" rally in Boston earlier Saturday… https://t.co/ZM5iGUXOjB
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RT @UN_Women: Violence against women spikes in the aftermath of disasters and conflict. https://t.co/wpoZ7Q1rg3 #NotATarget https://t.co/99kFOsX1dK
RT @UN_Women: For #WorldHumanitarianDay, we reiterate that civilians trapped in conflict are #NotATarget. https://t.co/I6dhNWZLsG https://t.co/nWt9YGdlTW
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