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It's Dolly's birthday, and we're gonna party like it's 1946! Addie Sings Dolly @ the Living Room - Thursday, Jan. 19th - 8PM! Then at 9PM - Addie sings Addie! $10 - 21+ with your ID.



@JamesCarville is back and ready to talk truth. I thought @PaulBegala had you tucked down in opposition research!!! https://t.co/92VVUbC45Y
@rudepundit um. I wouldn't say I'm TOtally anti-herpes?
@Shakestweetz I mean clearly you have a cup of man tears - you're comforting them all day long. And good for you. They have it rough.
RT @southerntalker: #DropOutBernie https://t.co/15cXV5hSyn
@BobbyTBD um. You are a bibby. @bibbytbd