@GinsburgJobs @politicususa Liz is killing me. VP AND comedian - it's gonna be a great 8 years
Bernie doesn't want to destroy injustice. Bernie wants to destroy women. @MrDane1982 @RiotWomennn @docrocktex26 https://t.co/nUD7x5IqOf
@MrDane1982 Van Jones man - I try - but I can't even listen to him. He's smart until the facts aren't with him - then he just makes shit up
@AwardsDaily @BBCWorld Whoot Sasha! ur SO right. Can't WAIT for her Hillslapping anyone not bright enough to think he's got a good one 4 her
@xdelmar59 or cause he's basically won the nom. I heard that. From like this angry guy in a beanie.
@ZeddRebel dig ur integrity not bringing up anything ever. followed for your blank tweets. They're like blank man. Little manna from...yeah
@docrocktex26 @bookwormfoodie when BS mansplains why he's winning, why Hill screams 2 much- I just...get it. & me little lady brain can rest
@emokidsloveme I don't know - I just believe you
@emokidsloveme I like it when you've rolled your eyes so many times in a day that they stop rolling.
@P1e2h7Patrick like so little to talk about like SO little. like nothing to talk about. good move on Hill's part
@KevinMKruse This is useful stuff. Following u. Wouldn't block u even if u tripped me. OK I might. I prob wld or who knows - I need my info
@TnGovern @P1e2h7Patrick @clw4packers @puppymnkey WHOA!!! WHA??
@hkwhkw thanks for the like! good think you're all in with Hillary! If you were Bernie it would just seem weird..
@Rosie @nataliemjb @HuffPostPol Rosie u ARE a supermodel & Trump actually could win - like - a McD's monopoly instant winner?? #medfries
@Pichgonz Thanks for the like Monica! And love the billboard tweet... haha - followed you
@janelleholmes20 thanks for the retweet! this shirt is a must have - yes?? (and the Cracker Barrel bfast) following you!
@docrocktex26 Jane - you gotta get this shirt
@BananasLola love it!
@bodegacat212 Hey! Thanks for the like :) Enjoying your page - following now
@mamaluvsdev Thanks for the like Nicole!! You look awfully like another powerful woman we know! Clinton/Walker 2016? Just followed you
@ShaneGeis Hey Shane - thank for the like. Yogapants LeBron Hillary? I had to follow you.
@BananasLola Thanks for the like :) Checked out your feed and following you - stay bananas!
@MrDane1982 How long's it been? #CrackerBarrel
So @emokidsloveme right? None can look into her eyes on this shirt and not think sheesh I'm voting for #HRC - twice https://t.co/gmjhb7gvHp
Reppin in the #CrackerBarrel TN. Ordered Double Meat bfast hold the meat. @emokidsloveme @HunkyGayJesus @MrDane1982 https://t.co/yTVc74f2jX
RT @dorseyshaw: This CNN lower third wins cable news for the day https://t.co/UJxinQbxvY
@JoyAnnReid @TheRework Perfect.
@docrocktex26 haha - I take it all back. I only want to hear boring stuff from you. Pls proceed.
@docrocktex26 Jane!!! Haaaaaaaaa you can NOT be this funny. Followed you for more good stuff. No pressure - this one will last me awhile
@stephaniebluej AMEN! I'm an atheist - just excited.
@theonlyadult HA! You are definitely the only adult around here! Hilarious. Just followed. Looking for more wisdom... 🤓
@miguel90009 @kuriouskit Nice!! So solid!
@rick_simone holy cow. Loved it. Followed you.
Too much for me to handle https://t.co/91BviMt4tU
@DoddDodd1 hey Penny. Thanks for the like! Just followed you!
@Ithinkitscatchy Dig it! at first I thought this said I think it's scratchy - but I totally went with it.
@DropOutBernie @HillaryClinton I know there's much to consider but there is definitely an argument for Hill and Liz. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@SkepticNikki "I'm a former Christian, whose love for reason overtook my desire to be liked" YES! For me - edu and unearthing my intuition
@princessomuch - Love that you're compiling these Laura!!
@BrandyPrice77 Thanks Brandy for the like! Looked at your feed and followed you. Good stuff.
@Maggyw519 Hey Maggy! Thanks for the re-tweet - the deeper you dig with Sanders... the worse it gets. #ImWithHer
@BexaRaven Hey - digging your tweets -keep em coming!
@debbiedonothing one of the very few things the press didn't totally let him get away with.
@addiebrownlee @leemulls13 I LOVE that you are the lone person that liked this. xoxoxox
Word on the street is @HillaryClinton was inspiration for Sydney in Alias. You KNEW it #didherownstunts #ImWithHer https://t.co/y2YcUqvQUI
What happened @ NV Dem State Convention Sat @nvdems https://t.co/W22pZvNstP - Not perfect but good place 2 start- some calm rebuttals too
#BernieLostMe at hello.
@silverspoonart @platoon184 @JoanneCangal @princessomuch Right on! Again- we have 2 spread true narrative - Hillary united the party in 2008
@platoon184 @princessomuch Yes David! Pundits say Obama unified the party in 2008. TRUTH is Hillary united the party in 2008.
@john_voorhees John!!!!!!
@aravosis in 2008 if Obama and HRC positions were reversed at the end. But wanted to know if you think it's more nuanced or totally diff
@aravosis Totally wasn't clear Why all the violence from BS fans. My op- plain old misogyny, and think same thing could have happened...
@aravosis I have a lot of opinions. And I don't think I'm totally naive, but John - why do you think this happening?
@aravosis John - usually you're parsing more... say... nuanced arguments. He prob wrote u this to give ur brain a little break. kinda sweet
I KNOW that stung. Ur response = maybe not totes true? We ALL know when U dive it IS feet first & involves handrail https://t.co/7ODxZ2Cume
@girlsreallyrule @kimmie8264 kill me why don't you. love this one. crying now. you know - victory tears
@albyselkie Ha! that would be amazing. I'll message you some of the info @KerrFolkFest
@Bakari_Sellers You r freaking noble and above the fray. We're with you. Hillary united the party in 2008 - that's the true narrative.
@Cycle4 Hey - thanks for the like. I'm glad you're not so lonely - what a beautiful thing to say.
@albyselkie What an awesome point. I've just changed my explanation about that feminism is. Following you to get more of this good stuff!!!
@princessomuch Right on Laura. & reading abt his past campaigns- more insight into how he actually feels abt women https://t.co/ubDQ8V3SW9
@ianspencer95 Ian. Haha. Your avatar goes so perfectly with this particular tweet. I can't follow you fast enough.
Kentucky you brought it home!! https://t.co/aWOEJW2NAX
Can't wait to see @Henderlightful !! https://t.co/ueNElk83iT
Ragin Cajun!!!!!! https://t.co/39USCmiWGN
@GoddessKerriLyn please keep talking about this Kerri Lyn!
@zatchry Now that's a good lookin' poll Zach
Cld Trump have said don't vote in WV bc he thot u got 1 vote per election? I think it was code to cross over. 44% BS voters for Trump in NOV
@Normsmusic @NooneOfan Thank you for putting it out there!
@joshuafoust kept waiting 2 see when his supporters who had little to no info about the primary process would realize they cldn't vote.
#HighSparrow uses great product. Bernie was like HS hair is WHOA, so HS gave him some product. Rest is history https://t.co/yKR9iApeVA
@Henderlightful done.
@tpacific Pamela - thanks for the like. I like your description - Love, Kindness, Respect - if we could just start there.
@ItMustBeNice1 THANK YOU! Bernie hates identity politics. Thinks fix class system and there'll be no sexism, racism. He's wrong Hill gets it
.@emokidsloveme I googled "popular items for inmate on Etsy" no luck yet. But we'll find it. BC we're Emo. and Addie https://t.co/vR3Dsv219k
@banjoboyjohnny I understand you now.
@RalstonReports @EricBoehlert @pbump Love me some Pbump! checkin' out the article.
@EricBoehlert I shldn't b surprised anymore by ur understated wit. guffawed like nerd. good thing was in the movies by myself. like nerd.
@AlexMorash I dig the crap out of you on this.
@lemire_suzanne Whoooooa We're (way more than) half way there. Whooooa! #ImWithHer #HRC #Hillforthewin
@NooneOfan @Normsmusic Ha-yes! Gonna email her this video my friend and I made - hopefully can get her singin #HRC https://t.co/HvwptFeE2y
@smithtastic @clubpassim Matt? Will there also be Swedish Fish?
@banjoboyjohnny I feel like you're missing a mt. dew here?
@StandwHillary Hill makes me laugh when she clobbers her opponents during a debate! And I mean that in a not mean laughy way :)
@France4Hillary Great! Keep us up on what's going on w Holland, the far right, all which we shld be involved- we care! Just obsessed w Hill!
@ezraklein @libbyanelson @mattyglesias Evernote is amazing! (What I hear) right now I poke elephant a lot & nothing happens. But one day...
@NateSilver538 me too-FRI13. Have had ur same frustration @ news including Supes in HRCs delegate counts. Just causes ruckus- not fun ruckus
@Normsmusic @NooneOfan she=Trump demographic- Told her I vote Hill. She jumped up/said anyone but Trump! I don't understand! 🙂Gave me hope
@Normsmusic @NooneOfan was in TN. Talking with lovely lady whom I yet assumed would be voting for Trump (Constant culture shock here)
@Hillary2016Pres @HillaryClinton love a refresher. Thanks!!
@delusionbuster keep the Hitch coming my friend!
.@mommyisaheathen Operation Rescue take em! 2 prep 4 babies they rescue & plan 2 adopt- 200ish babies per fam if lawmakers listen 2 Jesus!
@DevAdvocat if atheism were a dude, I would climb that tree. If atheism were a pizza, I would eat way past my sensible full line.
@nicoleboxer I am SO sorry. Unacceptable animals. Ur mom is tough as hell. This is harder on u than her. I'm with u https://t.co/ZX0ss2gbdS
@waydybee ha! fingers crossed!!!!
@feistybunnygirl @VanJones68 Hi. Many panelists use the stock phrase: in 2008 Obama unified the party. False. Hillary unified the party.
@MrDane1982 Love me some Hill and Babs
@waydybee ha! thanks for the likes - let me know when you hit that healthy level of insanity
@Windsorlinks Hey - glad to be following you. I can get bogged down too much in US politics - looking forward to your updates
@DrStaceyPatton Haaaaaaaa nervous laugh - I'M GONNA DO IIIIIIIIIT!
@JesseLehrich We know it can't happen but can still dream about it - one of those embarrassing dreams where you wake up on the plane smiling
@feistybunnygirl @MSNBC Did they even say he was a BS supporter or just call him a pundit? same reason evangelic get to go on & deny science
@emokidsloveme @OneTokenBlack I enjoy a good mansplain bc sometimes as a lady my brain gets tired and I just want to think abt my weight
@emokidsloveme creeeeeeepaaaaay! Creepy creepy creepy
@SensiblySecular OR we go in a DIFF direction and add alchemists to the panels!! Thumbs up? down? I can take it - Im not married to the idea
@icanhelpus thanks for the like steve! keep smilin'
@GuySouthaustin thanks for the like guy!!
@ATC330R Hey! Thanks for the retweet - and the beer...
How Can I accidentally pack 3 deodorants & now I can't even fi... Oh happy daaay what a happy happy daaay https://t.co/hwybskPQkL
@NoService360 @SensiblySecular u did give us a tough 1 to start - but honestly Sensibly prob only needs a few min 2 go in & do her work
@DrStaceyPatton DOC!! Going 2 memorize some ur tweets so I can whip OUT on folks. Will then give u writer's credit in tiny fast voice.
@atheistic_1 In way of agreement, I say praise Jesus on this one. Praise 6lb baybay Jesus.
@SensiblySecular "science deniers are mocked not debated" - next step is to get all news panels to take on your sentiment here. Thank u!
@aravosis thank you!
@MeghanEMurphy @i_D Can't wait to read your article... https://t.co/rA9fVZVYen
@JonahPMix ...I always say to these men. Wow. So in what other women's rights issues are you passionately involved? #crickets
@JonahPMix Geez I'm glad u exist.Used to progressive men quite concerned that women be allowed to empower themselves with sex work...
@HillaryClinton wins primaries. Bernie wins caucuses Caucuses disenfranchise #HRC voters & easy 2 game. Same in 2008 https://t.co/Dibjg9uN7C
@iamatheistgirl @mbsouders f-ing love me some bertrand girl - keep it up
@mbsouders @HunkyGayJesus faith is a belief in something w/o evidence - you have to kill your mind to have this godly trait.
RT @BettyBowers: Dear @PatMcCroryNC amend #HB2 to protect our precious children from anyone who worked at Family Research Council! https://t.co/GnAS4GkUcs
@Craigipedia this just showed up on my feed. Clearly I need to back off about the ediapay lyteway https://t.co/IflXDmPzWA
@Craigipedia @pedialyte if I went and got some delish pedialyte wld u wanna have some?? I feel like it would taste awesome and like shame
@Craigipedia If the last part of ur name is pedia? U HAVE found what ur searching for. Just FOLLOWED that shit. (If u like pedialite?EXTRA+)
@JPGSheedy @cherokeesher2 @Debi129 @coopah best shirt!!!
@HunterDK @TheWomanCard @thehill Hunter To be fair Shldnt we give him an easier one 2 start w? Maybe Donald do u know what a president is?
@peterdaou @TheWomanCard @strohalm_86 that's not true. I'm old, uneducated and brainwashed but I'M voting for DUKAKIS. Blew ur theory.
At first I thought u said @tinaturner. I thot Paul begala AND Tina Turner?? Yaaaaas!! @PaulBegala ur simply the best https://t.co/tJcnLc5DTB
@aravosis perfect thanks John Giant!!
@aravosis hey John! Looking for info on what you said. Cld u forward an article? Thanks!!
@DeeKalman @aravosis @GLSEN 70 ppl! Fantastic!! Way to go!!
@morningmoneyben @aravosis by BS do you mean Bernie Sanders?
@peterdaou @marcylauren @NateSilver538 or by better he means Ohioans love socialists. OR bc if He lost he wld just tell the public he won!
doesn't compute - gallup reports that 20 years the American ppl voted her most admired woman in the world. https://t.co/lq0JOo6pPT
@Henderlightful just checking to see if you're still stupid.
@BeachPeanuts I'm following you bc I like what you have to say and hello. Beach peanuts. Yes. Go ON peanut.
Solid odds that I'm the youngest person to walk into a #cvs and walk out with stool softener and a 3 ft shoehorn.
@Henderlightful @emokidsloveme @RiotWomennn @BobbyTBD @HunkyGayJesus @leemulls13 @Lee_in_Iowa @MsAndiRae @jefflitman Onesie party at the apt
.@GloriaSteinem TONITE her doc https://t.co/iaEnbEGIY0 I got Bras 4 us 2 burn & cheetos. We r gonna watch it 5 times https://t.co/ApjZXrR8Tf
@aravosis although he called you a giant which is actually super amazing! HO HO HO John Giant
@emokidsloveme together we are brilliant.
Goodnight Pals - for you... just the best session of Parliament EVER. Just want to say, "order....order..." https://t.co/iRbZ3ImeGT
OH My GaGawd! @BobbyTBD
@emokidsloveme Getting you a camelback 4 sweet tea and u can squirt it on your face when it's too hot. I got a lot of good shit to share w u
@emokidsloveme A dear friend who is S Bap asked me abt Hill - bc shes an amazing person - guarantee she's the only one @ bible study asking
@emokidsloveme Girl. They don't care. They're going to vote for him. I'm in your neck of the woods at my parents in TN - shocked.
@leemulls13 You know I'm an atheist. But I'm praying about this one.
@leemulls13 Girl. It is HARD CORE funny. But if I were you - I would pull it. You KNOW she's gonna see it... Why are you risking your life?
@leemulls13 LISA I do NOT know if ur mom would love this on here, but HILARIOUS. I'm gonna make it my ringtone. Also with ur face like that
@RoleReboot @macushla7 @schemaly um Girl - this is good stuff. keep it coming!
@mbsouders atheists. we're sorta fun.
@CraigRozniecki Oooh whoa! The sacrament is gonna hit the FAN!!! https://t.co/u76lRYNfnw
@HunkyGayJesus You are my favorite new Jesus. You knocked HangryJesus right off the top.
@CindyLeinwand12 @HillaryClinton hilarious! Look at all their expressions. Especially talk guy just right of center!!
@BobbyTBD I like me a great cup of coffee. And I like me a shitty cup of coffee.
@emokidsloveme You know. I understand that. Unpack your sun umbrella hat.
@emokidsloveme never knows you to make excuses
@yep_ImGay TOTALLY!!! I wish you had a real badge!!
@ERGRF1 Missing Beth and having a wonderful Mother's Day lunch with her amazing mother Caryl. Love you both.
@emokidsloveme a snickers always feels like a good thank you. I'm just sayin.
@yep_ImGay hey you! thanks for the like - so proud that you're on the Bernie Bro "naughty" list - do it!
Do u dislike laughing? Does learning stuff feel yuck? Then DONT follow @emokidsloveme (clearly a 3 yr old) or @RiotWomennn u'll never sleep
@RiotWomennn I'm in.
@FBI @SecretService @CNN @MSNBC @washingtonpost @nytimes @HuffingtonPost @safety
@RiotWomennn Girl. Brilliant. And they should start by giving this specific test to men in the police academy.
4 #MothersDay told mom she cld say anything annoying she wanted to me. Mom: Pls put a brush thru ur hair Me: Great idea Was weirdly fun.
@emokidsloveme did you finish this? Is it on your blog?
@emokidsloveme laugh spasm. You're like nonfiction. No one shld read you when they're trying to go to sleep. STOP (don't stop)
@donnabrazile Friend I got my LOL ready.
@girlsreallyrule HA! Girl - I saw this flash up and couldn't find it - thanks for spotting. This poor guy must have a really sensitive tum!
@emokidsloveme honestly stop. i want to go to bed - don't get me laughing so hard I hit a second wind.
#MothersDay @emokidsloveme @Henderlightful @girlsreallyrule @PaulBegala @JamesCarville @BobbyTBD @feistybunnygirl https://t.co/Ni3Cy4iK3d
Thank u Guam! Bet they're glad Hank Johnson saved them so they could vote #HRC https://t.co/iJ4esKjjUX start @ 1:10 https://t.co/sm9IQmvfFc
@NickKristof u&Sheryl wrote transformative bk. Friend stop apologizing 4 being right- colleagues responses ur answer https://t.co/oUHzC33TKy
@emokidsloveme shit
hear he's on the short list. Short list = #hrc & @SenWarren laughing uncontrollably while splitting chips and a Pibb https://t.co/7r5gdBfxpJ
@MarkCuthbert3 @SenSanders @CNNOpinion When I think of @PaulBegala I def think bum as in "bum-p" up the JAM for #HRC #ImWithHer #ImWithBum
@PaulBegala @JamesCarville We knew it. You'd bring him Cheetos and the patch. #rajincajun and #paulbygollyIllsmileuntilyouvoteHRC Here We Go
@marcianhgirl @PaulBegala @JamesCarville @carreramae Love it Girl! #RaginCajun is back!!!!
@Lee_in_Iowa I've been looking too and haven't had success yet. Please let me know what you find out, and I'll do the same. Thanks Pal!
@BobbyTBD @facebook I think I am??? Let me find you on CB
@BobbyTBD @facebook there's nothing there. Sounds like only you see these flowers?
@marcianhgirl @PaulBegala @JamesCarville @carreramae yeah girl!!
@aljtamsam fantastic Arthur! Keep it up!!!
Arthur - you are spot on my friend! Let's get something started!! https://t.co/tLXPOlePtV
@JamesCarville is back and ready to talk truth. I thought @PaulBegala had you tucked down in opposition research!!! https://t.co/92VVUbC45Y
@rudepundit um. I wouldn't say I'm TOtally anti-herpes?
@Shakestweetz I mean clearly you have a cup of man tears - you're comforting them all day long. And good for you. They have it rough.
RT @southerntalker: #DropOutBernie https://t.co/15cXV5hSyn
@BobbyTBD um. You are a bibby. @bibbytbd
@BobbyTBD @Bros4Hillary yeah!!!
@leemulls13 You hittin' those nails left and right sista. Thot you'd appreciate this https://t.co/ItiJz49AzZ https://t.co/dNkDhoB0mi
@emokidsloveme i get it girl
@emokidsloveme drive safe
@emokidsloveme do tell?
@emokidsloveme nightmare
#IndianaPrimary @HillaryClinton a boss. She done. She got her Jamba Juice sitting back and reading Bernie sex essay to huma and laughing
@leemulls13 u killed it.
Oh Wow. Thanks for the perspective... https://t.co/KMp6QLTCj9
@feistybunnygirl I love it anytime Hillary says the F-word :)
@BobbyTBD #Bobbyburntthirty
@joanwalsh @Bros4Hillary @Salon @Mediaite Joan the Boss Walsh - it sort of rhymes. Go girl!
@fawfulfan @thehill nice.
@Lee_in_Iowa hey Lee! Loving your posts. Where can I find the exact info that proves Bernie buses? Thanks!!
@BobbyTBD @Bros4Hillary um - her shirt is supposed to say Bobby - but she royally f-ed up. GRANDMA!!!!! ugh.
@BobbyTBD @Bros4Hillary Grandma is PROUD of u for gettin' ur woman card - and right here on your birthday. Happy Day https://t.co/7ItBSZQfdX
@BethRader @HillaryClinton @LMdonney @SheWinsWeWin Love this.
@leemulls13 but you kill it.
@PaulBegala @PlymptonProper squeeled at this like was in pain @Henderlightful
@BobbyTBD reminds me of a soon to be president I know. (Once we all go on the Krav Maga retreat)
Ha! I love it!! #gayisthenewthirty !!! Happy early birthday https://t.co/iAaATe5ENE
@Shakestweetz Girl you are KILLING me. MALE TEARS. what my friend and I are doing https://t.co/HvwptFeE2y Let's make a video together!
@Henderlightful don't act like you weren't doing the exact same dance
@ProgPoli whoot! Was so fun to watch the numbers change!!
@emokidsloveme @carolebobarrel @BernieSanders slayin me Emo - you're sleep tweeting aren't u?
@BobbyTBD gonna make grandma make a Twitter account for this
@darrenweimer congratulations on your wedding to the man of your dreams xoxoxo
@niaCNN GIRL!! You SAID it. I don't want to misquote you but u were basically like What?!?? Where would Trump be if he were a woman?! 👯👯👯🎈
#dealmein @HillaryClinton Oh Yeah GIRL. You a gambler!! #ImWithHer https://t.co/5qoUfEWRnM
Who forgot to give #chrischristie lessons on not looking like a scared bored squirrel. https://t.co/YB057sr5qJ
Jill you're ridic!!! Hahahahahaha https://t.co/DqQa8OIsDy
@JSavoly again this is amazing Where did u find? Jasper - u don't know what it means to see even 1 man standing up for Hill. Thanks friend
@girlsreallyrule @PaulBegala @JeffJlpa1 hahaha no JOKE girl. Good stuff
@BobbyTBD @Henderlightful @HillaryClinton Haaaaaaa you 2 r ridic!!
Girlfriend is on fire! https://t.co/MjWqIx2z9O
Woman caaaaaaaaard! Deal her IN!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh @HillaryClinton
HOLD ON 2 UR BUTTS @Henderlightful @BobbyTBD @girlsreallyrule @RiotWomennn @Lee_in_Iowa @JSavoly @emokidsloveme https://t.co/mYfXBljJHd
Amazing. Amazing https://t.co/x8svl5yW1n
@BobbyTBD I'm not laughing, I'm sort of choking with concern..
Me: you know @HillaryClinton is going to be our president. I shld... When shld I stop calling her girlfriend? @Henderlightful : Never.
@CheIseaCIinton @Bros4Hillary Every time they throw a stone at your mom we feel it too bc we stand beside her. Soon they will throw roses.
@BobbyTBD haha girlfriend was on fire tonight!!!
@DanMalloyCT @HillaryClinton Yeah Dan! Here's why I voted for Hill https://t.co/7NbFaaqU15
@HillarysMen thank you! Here's why I voted for @HillaryClinton https://t.co/7NbFaaqU15
@DawnZpost awesome that ur being thoughtful abt ur choice. If ok I'd like 2 share why I voted for @HillaryClinton https://t.co/7NbFaaqU15
@Bob_Casey @HillaryClinton Here's why I voted for Hill! https://t.co/7NbFaaqU15
If you're #undecided in Rhode Island or Connecticut I'd like to share why I voted for @HillaryClinton https://t.co/9Lr0ACCaBq
@jahimes @HillaryClinton Awesome Jim! We've been searching 4 undecideds and asking if we can share why we voted HRC https://t.co/7NbFaaqU15
RT @NARAL: 👏👏👏 Thank you, @Maisie_Williams! #GameOfThrones https://t.co/vSoTeXeRoI
@Irish_Jeff @BobbyTBD love this!! Safe travels Jeff!
#WhatsInHillarysPurse Big League Chew
@leemulls13 don't get testy just cause peeps wanna hang wichu
@danpfeiffer I get so sad when I've read them all. I keep refreshing like a crazy!!!
@Henderlightful @HillaryClinton mischief is the perfect word!!
@SarahKSilverman Ur Bern vid-so moving THANK you. I voted HRC- not bc I think Bern can't win. Will u watch why? ;) https://t.co/7NbFaaIuSD
@oVoteOwl @KaivanShroff @YaleSOM YAY Kaivan!! If u want-join us contacting CT undecideds, we ask if we can share https://t.co/7NbFaaIuSD
@emokidsloveme @girlsreallyrule @Henderlightful @BobbyTBD @JSavoly @Lee_in_Iowa @leemulls13 best parliament evs https://t.co/mTviVP95iB
@BobbyTBD clearly you are not a BenrieBro
@SPACEintl @bindelj this article is going in my read over and over file
@Bros4Hillary was wondering for months when BBros would realize they couldn't vote for BS. I actually didn't think it would take that long.
@HillarysMen Whoo! Hilarious! What we're doing- searching 4 undecideds in CT and DE- ask can we share this w them- https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@Patriciaresnick Hey that is great news! And it only makes sense. Take care.
@peterdaou @VanityFair Thanks Peter. Maybe it's not sexism. Maybe it's...um...you know... just an illuminating... yeah. It's totes sexism.
@girlsreallyrule @emokidsloveme @BobbyTBD @Henderlightful They're totes singing a duet in pic. But somebody didn't memorize the lyrics....
@guardian @HadleyFreeman GREAT article. Here's why I voted for Hillary https://t.co/HvwptFeE2y
@CAGoldenBear Hey! I know the feeling!! Here's why I voted for @HillaryClinton https://t.co/HvwptFeE2y. Have fun! :)
Terryyyyyyy!! Yeah you did!! @GovernorVA https://t.co/6A9uJ5xPHJ
@JSavoly Damien!! Thank you Thank you!!!
@BobbyTBD @Bros4Hillary Oooooooooh Yeeeeeaaaaaah
Go buy the #uglyfruit It has a dent in it But you will have a piece of taaasteeee UGLY FRUIT.. (repeat) #EarthDay https://t.co/wGbH3HVWD9
@EmmyA2 Emmy - love a fellow Brooklynite bringing it home for Hill. This is why I voted for her https://t.co/HvwptFeE2y
@Lee_in_Iowa YES! she's never promised a revolution - she's just a revolutionary.
@EricaSmegs @janeosanders @HillaryClinton Wow Erica- you keep impressing me more & more. Why I voted for Hillary https://t.co/Tt78FLjCrc
@MAPSTER5500 Love it! Here's why I voted for her :) https://t.co/Tt78FLjCrc
@EstoyConHillary @HillaryClinton You Go! Here's how we're reaching out to folks about why we're voting 4 Hill https://t.co/7NbFaaIuSD
@girlsreallyrule hopefully they're gone. tho they cld just be still drunk?
@BobbyTBD @wasalwaysEE can't stop laughing. Bobby- start blog where pple write in rando ridic things & u just say- That is not even possible
@BobbyTBD everyone knows you have edgy and profound theories.
#SaveTheEarthIn4Words Give Bernie mousse - Yep https://t.co/KcoVgEzSdk
@nhdogmom thanks! even my proBernie pal agrees there is a Hillary Scandal Industrial Complex- why I voted HRC :) https://t.co/Tt78FLjCrc
@TheBriefing2016 @HillaryClinton #ImWithHer Here's my ruling :) https://t.co/Tt78FLjCrc
@paulfeig you know that your impact on women's equality is unknowable & still I don't assume 4 whom u wld vote - but https://t.co/Tt78FLjCrc
@BrendanNyhan Brendan - always make me chuckle - keep it up! & myth of @HillaryClinton not being inspiring :) https://t.co/Tt78FLjCrc
@TrueFactsStated Right on Claude. Here's why I voted for Hillary on Tuesday... https://t.co/Tt78FLjCrc
RT @BetteMidler: The #USTreasury may replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill w/a woman. Does that mean it’ll then be worth only $15.80?
Roomie @MsAndiRae & me after we voted. Andi says (seriously) I would like 2 see some exit polls now. It was 8:40am. https://t.co/OKpUofn3x1
@BobbyTBD you can tell that he's brilliant and has no latent misogeny inside his little soul
@BobbyTBD @FarahFaroul ha!
@HillaryClinton Here's what we made!! Reaching out to undecideds & asking if they mind if we share this with them https://t.co/Tt78FLjCrc
@AdamSmith_USA haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa clearly she's got to expand her coalition or Bernie is gonna fly right past her in delegates
@girlsreallyrule heh heh heh - I know girl. my lizard brain takes over when I see someone with a Bernie button.
@rudepundit hahahaha - i sort of tiled my head when I saw that too...
@hunterw He open with "Run this Town"?
@Henderlightful @BobbyTBD Jill made vid. Bobby is hilarious & n LA - let's werk it out! somehow we have 2 fig out a way to use #veggiebernie
@bobbiejaneV @Kimberlealockwo @JSavoly @HillaryClinton Did NOT sleep much last night - she's a total boss.
@girlsreallyrule You never stop!!! Whoot!
@AnaGasteyer you are SO not buying this acupuncture stuff right now - HA- I can guess who u voted 4 yesterday! me 2! https://t.co/RN7Xdyvjzz
@PsyPost @EWDolan Hey Eric - do you do TM or another form of medidation?
@marstu67 @nick2crosby @Marv_Vien @Lee_in_Iowa @KaivanShroff @Millennials4Her @AdamSmith_USA @rcarr57 You are so kind! Thank YOU!
@KaivanShroff way to go!!! You are awesome! check it out... :) https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@timjhogan haha! Yup! https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@paleblueeyes24 Who!!!! LOVE IT!! https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@paulboy @AdamSmith_USA there are worse things ha ha - like this not happening tonight... https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@CidaZeeb @MDforHRC Go MD!! She's coming your way... https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@leemulls13 you should have your own show
@stellaaaa haha I dig you... https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@aravosis Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
@AdamBlickstein I think she's gonna dance it out tonight... https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@_ksl #ImWithHer https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@EmmyA2 It's true girl!! https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@AdamParkhomenko HaHAA! Adam - she's coming your way!! @ProgPoli #ImWithHer @HillaryClinton https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@nick2crosby @Marv_Vien @Lee_in_Iowa @KaivanShroff @Millennials4Her @AdamSmith_USA @marstu67 @rcarr57 Aaaahhh :) https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@womensmediacntr @feministing @FemMajority @msmagazine @msfoundation @ReproRights @reprodocs @GloriaSteinem https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@PPBlackComm @PPact @PPACTNJ @NARAL @emilyslist @NOW_NYC @NationalNOW @NYAAF @HillaryClinton @hilaryr #NYPrimary https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@danmericaCNN @jmpalmieri And she's the queen of the jungle tonight.... https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@mayaharris_ @HillaryClinton #NYPrimary She did it!! :) https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@owillis love. it. this is how all of hill's peeps are feeling tonight... https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@LoriSums Yes!!! https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@donnabrazile Doooooonna! @HillaryClinton She's the Queen of the Jungle tonight... https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@Rosie @Henderlightful and I are crazed! We can't stop making vids bout @Hillary Tonight she's Queen of the Jungle!! https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@PaulBegala Thank u 4 talking bout PSong @CNN. Really important. Hey @HillaryClinton - Queen of the Jungle tonight! https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@JSavoly @HillaryClinton supporters are going nuts!! https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@albamonica Hey Monica! This is how her supporters feel :) https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@djred678 She's so strong and so kind - she's also winning :) https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
Ahhh! @RiotWomennn @emokidsloveme @girlsreallyrule @Henderlightful @leemulls13 @BobbyTBD Who's Queen of the Jungle? https://t.co/ngY2srM9fj
@Wisdom_Matters @Henderlightful this just cracks me up! :)
@Wisdom_Matters @Henderlightful so interesting!
@brandibax @emokidsloveme oh I have no doubt that Emo has some good blackmail shots
@Wisdom_Matters @Henderlightful and fun of supporting their team mates. Good thing is more girls are growing up with team sports...
@Wisdom_Matters @Henderlightful and girls are more likely to be pushed toward individual things like ballet, and boys learn the value and
@Wisdom_Matters I think you're right @Henderlightful thinks it also has to do with the fact that boys are on teams more than girls -
@girlsreallyrule I am cool as a cucumber (big liar)
@joanwalsh @inglamwetrust Oh Joan.Will never forget your amazing article in 2008 - Any woman but her? Voted HRC: https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@brandibax @emokidsloveme hahaha is this for real? You get @shakeshack !!
@leemulls13 this is a weird gif. it proves my point
@leemulls13 everything about you scares me. in a really bad way
@danpfeiffer @Redistrict 'psychology of Dem voters/most media outlets quite detached from reality of Clinton’s advantage n delegate math. "
@HillaryPix @HillaryClinton #ImWithHer https://t.co/LjXNpkO9bq
@Wisdom_Matters thanks! ur theory? why women not as loyal 2 each other as men r? @Henderlightful and I made this https://t.co/LjXNpkO9bq
@BobbyTBD OMG. My good friend @Henderlightful is in LA - she's the one who made the video with me - sounds like we cld do this afterall :)
@girlsreallyrule thank ya girl - keep droppin that info on us
Hahaha - I thought this said #veggiebernie https://t.co/reJzwDpStQ
@Megan_Sass Me too!! https://t.co/LjXNpkO9bq
@BobbyTBD haha. I totes agree!!!! Where do live m dear?
@emokidsloveme girl. Can we talk about the need to see some exit polls please?? @girlsreallyrule whatcha got for us?
@BobbyTBD yes!
@Amy_Siskind Here's why I voted for her this morning! https://t.co/LjXNpkO9bq
@KiaRichards_ ur right Kia. Good for u for thinking it thru. If ok I wanna share with you why I voted for Hillary https://t.co/LjXNpkO9bq
@miyemac Love Sarah @SarahKSilverman - I made a video too! She prob wouldn't like it... https://t.co/LjXNpkO9bq
@williamcrespo11 hey - good that you're thinking about it so much :) here's why I voted for @HillaryClinton today https://t.co/LjXNpkO9bq
@MarkCiemcioch You're still good :) ur decision to make, but here's why I voted for @HillaryClinton today https://t.co/LjXNpkO9bq be well
@emokidsloveme who needs to know that stuff!!!! It's gross!!
@emokidsloveme ha - I clicked on something on one or your tweets and accidentally unfollowed you - I made an out loud noise and refollowed u
@AshleyJudd #ClintonJudd2016 yes? & Ur sis wld KILL it at the mic at the inag- Here's why I voted for Hillary today https://t.co/LjXNpkO9bq
@emokidsloveme @brandibax I'll buy @shakeshack if you get a selfie with Newt.
@jefflitman oh yeah you did!!!
Get pals who haven't voted Say u'll buy @shakeshack if they go. Get 2 poll say FYI #NoHillaryNoShakeShack #NYPrimary https://t.co/LjXNpkO9bq
@emilyslist @HillaryClinton #NYPrimary #ImWithHer just voted for Hill! Here's my case ;) https://t.co/HvwptFeE2y
@_juliannemoore @Madam_President @HillaryClinton me too!! #NYPrimary here's why :) https://t.co/HvwptFweU6
@CorrectRecord @HillaryClinton wow. Thanks for sharing. Here's why I voted for Hillary today :) https://t.co/HvwptFeE2y
@HRC #ImWithYou and #ImWithHer - just voted - here's why :) https://t.co/RN7XdydII1
@donnabrazile @plann @PPFA @NARAL I Just voted for @HillaryClinton ! Here's why... https://t.co/RN7XdydII1
@MillieAMitchell @RiotWomennn @girlsreallyrule Roomie & I KILLED it in voting booth. Then we killed a plate of these https://t.co/ZMRC5p6xdC
@MillieAMitchell @RiotWomennn @girlsreallyrule Millie and Riot - you brought it HOME for Hill in TX and IL!
@RiotWomennn @girlsreallyrule Very soon! I've already voted, cried and had pancakes in my head a couple times. What about you??
@emokidsloveme @brandibax totally had the same thing happen to me
@emokidsloveme excellent offer. i have a lifetime of AIC questions
@stylistkavin Hey!! Can't wait to vote... here' why :) https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@emokidsloveme KNEW IT! Just testing!
@emokidsloveme had to look that up
@GloriaSteinem May we each be so lucky to deflect a stone when we stand beside her. Soon they will throw roses. https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@Carole_King Blew my mind canvassing 4 Hill "Far easier 2 convince yourself of their intentions" Here's my intention https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@Rosie If you can speak your mind all these years, then I can too! Thanks for the inspiration https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@paleblueeyes24 Thank you Roni! Go Hill!
@BobbyTBD i think that you and I and Hill would all be friends and we would do krav maga together
@Catballou whoot! I got inspired - #ImWithHer https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@paleblueeyes24 Yes! #LikeABoss great video! I was inspired! :) https://t.co/Tt78FLjCrc
@SophieInCT @YouTube great video! I was inspired! :) https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@kathy_km @YouTube great video! I was inspired! :) https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@mayatcontreras great video! I was inspired! :) https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@sister6c @HillaryClinton Great video!! I was inspired... https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE :)
@AdamAddict @brianefallon It was awesome! OK - mine is not as amazing - but it's still how I feel :) #ImWithHer https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@AdamSmith_USA Me too! Here's why I'm voting for Hill :) https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@ChelseaClinton Hey! Here's why I'm voting for your mom tomorrow! Rock on! https://t.co/Tt78FL21zE
@BobbyTBD @HillaryClinton @Bros4Hillary Whoot!! Hilly loves the LGBT community. Cause #gayisthenewthirty https://t.co/vICUyyGvvO
@AlanaMassey WELL. SAID. 1 thing - It does appear to be sanders MO. The way he acted w female opponent 30 years ago. https://t.co/Rpt6v55u3Y
RT @AdamSmith_USA: Is Bernie going to win New York? #ImWithHer https://t.co/CRSVhdBuPg
@DWStweets @chucktodd @meetthepress Debbie - With respect - both candidates did NOT vote for the crime bill.
@CandyCrowley we miss you on the trail! It's HILL GIRL - wanna come back out til say 1.20.17? OH! OH! Is that a #candygram coming our way?
@ohheybrittany thanks for retweeting Brittany!
Hey @Patriciaresnick any update on the Academy? "Replacing sexism and racism with ageism is not the answer"
@girlsreallyrule figured out i shldn't try cat eyes before HRC rally bc she makes me cry like the baby i am #crybabiesforhillary #ImWithHer
Spotted this secret dead drop yesterday https://t.co/njrTlkHb9K
@emokidsloveme @JohnShelbySpong oh - that just happened right? bc Episcos support gay marriage?
@emokidsloveme @JohnShelbySpong also an incredibly uplifting Episcopalian bishop - destroys arguments for anything but love w/in the church
@emokidsloveme when he washed the prisoner's feet? women and muslims? the sky cracked open a bit.
@emokidsloveme great point. he's a pretty incredible person. bet he'll get there on gay marriage too.
@emokidsloveme #popieiwanttoloveyoubutyourebreakinmyheart
@emokidsloveme yes! An atheist agent prepping whole life to infiltrate church and and make ppl be nice. Then he's all like gay marriage nope
Spotted this secret dead drop yesterday. https://t.co/JBHlrVNTnB
OMG IM 8 Minutes late to debate so far!!!! What's happening?!?!?!??
@davegodowsky #letitbetrue
@PaulBegala @CNN Think ur pretty objective considering ur introduced as a Hill supporter and @VanJones68 is introduced as a pol commentator
@MsAndiRae @Henderlightful My roommate just said to me "Let's face it, you've given your number to weirder people."
https://t.co/gk9tj9Hc2w Does @HuffPo vet its articles? First flag @SethAbramson is Ass. Prof of English? Angry Seth no so good the maths.
@politicalmiller #hillyes Jack!
@pbump great good writin' my friend. Drop some numbers on us whenever you're feeling it.
@nanosteine @joanwalsh @TomEHayden @thenation Hi Joey - Bernie voted against the Brady Bill 5 times - does that worry you?
Um. Heck. Yeahs. https://t.co/dHRuVkYs8f
@aravosis wld be torn as well. But open primaries this season saw Reps crossing over to vote for angry grandpa. Always dig ur analysis John
@joshtpm Did you say WY? W 14 delegates? Are you being tongue in cheek? Also you realize they each got 7 delegates from WY? U r hilarious.
@aravosis angry grandpa needs to hang it up.
@leemulls13 Hahahahahaha
Bernie supporter: Hillary is a CRIMINAL. Me: No no no she's a SMOOTH criminal. #smoothcriminal #HillarySoQualified https://t.co/sDOiAXsen9
@renaymo @HillaryClinton HI-larious. Also True.
@rudepundit Rudey - you my faux braux - but better than that sounds
Bernie supporter: how can u vote for Hillary she's a criminal. Me: No no no she's a SMOOTH criminal. #smoothcriminal #HillarySoQualified
@girlsreallyrule @Henderlightful #bernsurvivors #youresafenow
RT @Henderlightful: Any chance we could see this scenario in general? (D)Clinton; (R)Paul Ryan; (I)Trump; (GPUS)Sanders - Things are getting wild #ImWithHer
#bernsurvivors #youresafenow https://t.co/LHP7hMMe4Z
RT @GloriaSteinem: Melissa quoted me, now I'm going to quote her "we have to stop categorizing and judging women based on their bodies" https://t.co/bYQlphncz8
RT @TheBriefing2016: At the end of the day, Bernie Sanders sided with the NRA and gun makers. https://t.co/OPhhjp1KXT
@hughhewitt @DanaBashCNN @NewDay Dana is a sharp and authentic reporter. We don't care what you thought about her appearance.
trying 2 fig out what exactly @marclamonthill wants from @HillaryClinton Maybe she shld apologize that @BernieSanders voted 4 crime bill??
RT @paleblueeyes24: Bernie I recommend you study up on ur campaigns signature issue b4 the NY debate. #TellUsHowBernie #ImWithHer https://t.co/vGvVIwPmCE
RT @EricWolfson: Dear Bernie, I've always wanted to meet you. Love, Specifics. #TellUsHowBernie
Bernie keeps exposing himself. Ewwwww. https://t.co/dSIo3jHhXJ
RT @daveweigel: Clinton has won around 9 m votes. Trump has won around 7.8 m. The stories: How Hillary’s blowing it, how Trump changed everything.
RT @portmantina: This #Ghomeshi verdict is shameful, and the judge's reasoning is an outrage. https://t.co/ovXzj29kdA
RT @ProstitutionRes: YES!!!! https://t.co/WtLazdFcUC
Excited 2 unlock phone w thumbprint. Didn't anticipate how often I tend to be holding an egg roll w said thumb when I need it 2 unlock phone
@TheAmericansFX Paige. Someone's been shopping at the same wig store as your dad. #pastortimisarussianspy
RT @emokidsloveme: Ezra Klein, visionary still discovering seasonal employment in the jobs report. https://t.co/W210vJeroj
@davegodowsky @wolfblitzer Did you call him Blitz like Herman Cain did that one time?Was always sorta hoping it might catch on
@rudepundit @PaulBegala @HillaryClinton @SenSanders @RahmEmanuel I do like singing "O Rahm O Rahm Eeema-ah-ah-nuellll"
@violadavis ...what I'm capable of. OVER. QUALIFIED. Already thought you were boss. Now you just made my head explode. Clinton / Davis 2016.
@violadavis https://t.co/2cDOrNToQm! WHOOT. https://t.co/k7qOzsNTgr Wanna see director's cut where u say vote HRC cause you've seen...
@shondarhimes @HillaryClinton GIRL!! That's ALL I have to say. Except YES! Whoot! LOVE. IT. OVER QUALIFIED. BOOM. Clinton/Davis 2016. BOOM.
RT @davegodowsky: "Dance like no one is watching" -Fyodor Dostoevsky
Shld someone start a support group for folks who've been assaulted at @realDonaldTrump rallies? https://t.co/8hwjDhDhqN
RT @hilaryr: Wise words from a good leader Markos Moulitsas https://t.co/rjeZcNogED
@hanaschank your @Salon piece made me cry - holy cow - keep it up
@lizzieohreally did you accidentally have Jesus over while he was hangry? Mark 11:12-14
RT @emokidsloveme: Iraq, Ari. https://t.co/rEC1V0F1HN
RT @STANDcha: RT @ryannaegele: It's Friday, #FF, shall I introduce @addiebrownlee for tunes; @thecompanylab for entrepreneurs; & @STANDcha for a cause
@DanaBashCNN I am a fan of yours! AND you just said "here's the big but(t)" Now I'm a bigger fan.
@PaulBegala @hilaryr cld she say, "we're not going to build barriers; we're going to break DOWN barriers, break THROUGH barriers"
@PaulBegala @hilaryr Our gal is winning like a BOSS. There's a bit of a hitch when listening and she says 'wall' then 'barrier' @ beginning
#itwasntyourfault https://t.co/7Kzorvv94i
RT @MTVNews: Joe Biden introduces Lady Gaga at the #Oscars. https://t.co/aRmjqBSbjg
So, was Ted cruz's father not wearing any pants? #GOPDebate
@SusanSarandon @AmericaFerrera and Bernie's camp was being like TOTALLY respectful of who @DoloresHuerta is right? right? wait...
@SusanSarandon NO CHANTING, just sanders supporters screaming insultingly at progressive icon. glad you're here to stand up for jerks.
RT @emokidsloveme: I bet some of those Bernie supporters yelling "English Only" at Delores Huerta also have Che Guevara tees. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
I am proud. DARN proud. #"really?" https://t.co/inwYovv3fd
@smithtastic I think you made some important points...
@rudepundit Rudey. JWG WAS funny though...
RT @Slate: If male characters were introduced in scripts like women: https://t.co/LIq7GCKYws https://t.co/g00IwHrbSQ
Mom and Dad just hit a new a low. They Face Timed me so that I could watch mom cut dad's hair.
RT @JusticeBlaine: Antonin #Scalia requested cremation in his will, but millions of women will meet tomorrow to discuss if that's really best for his body.
RT @rudepundit: In election year 1988, with a Democratic majority, the Senate confirmed Reagan-nominated Anthony Kennedy 97-0. Next objection, GOP?
Guy just thew a 2 liter of mt dew @ me. Hit me HARD. I said DUDE!! You are HOMELESS! DON'T YOU WANT THIS MT DEW?!??! #peopledontplan
@Patriciaresnick @THR RIDIC!! Whom should we email? OR I say we hire a couple of wranglers to go upstairs and beat the shit out of (them)
RT @SecondBolt: Wake up #NYC - it's #Dolly Day! TONIGHT @addiebrownlee sings #dollyparton @JoesPub #ibegyourparton w @TheBengsons https://t.co/bbnCaVOWpa
JUST THREE TIX LEFT for #IBegYourParton tonight!! @DollyParton @JoesPub https://t.co/Bj1MrFL4Z0
My friend Seth putting together his outfit for #IBegYourParton tomorrow night https://t.co/9swknbSRaB
RT @TheBengsons: Can't wait to play a few tunes at @addiebrownlee 's Dolly Parton tribute show next week! 1/22 @JoesPub
@DollyParton is gonna be 70! Let's celebrate! #ibegyourparton @JoesPub https://t.co/Bj1MrFL4Z0
Check out the promo for #ibegyourparton! The Force is Strong with @DollyParton https://t.co/Vw5o3dsGSw
Can't Wait for 6th Annual #Ibegyourparton Addie Sings Dolly @JoesPub Fri. Jan. 22nd - 7:30PM! https://t.co/Bj1MrFL4Z0
RT @JoesPub: Just Added! The 6th Annual #IBegYourParton Dolly bday celebration w/ @AddieBrownlee sings Dolly 1/22 at 7:30PM! Tix: http://t.co/LJrrc7X1w3
@ChrisYearley Hey Chris! Yes! Gonna come out in the Spring! How are you??
Addie Brownlee has a show on 09/11/2015 at 07:00 PM @ Pine Ridge House Concerts in Clinton, TN http://t.co/ZOYWJd6chd #concert
Addie Brownlee has a show on 08/13/2015 at 07:30 PM @ Mudville Music Room in Jacksonville, FL http://t.co/4d8GSv5gej #concert
Addie Brownlee has a show on 08/13/2015 at 07:30 PM @ Ray Lewis Presents in Jacksonville, FL http://t.co/I9zSsZfVAi #concert
Just 90 minutes left to pre-order your copy and fund the new record! https://t.co/XXoS23eUXZ
RT @rudepundit: My pal @addiebrownlee is crowd-funding her new record. She's awesome. Just toured England with @WainBright. http://t.co/woJdd3oEL1
Heading to Rockwood!!! See you at 8:15!
We're over halfway there!!! https://t.co/0TepypDWDk One wk left to pre-order and change the world! https://t.co/XXoS23eUXZ xoxo
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My favorite web series just keeps getting better... Inlow on the Downlow... https://t.co/sYrJWV3XGY
Friday Night Special!! Pre-order the new record, You and Me Abridged for just $10!! What?!?! https://t.co/XXoS23eUXZ
Hey! I'm making a new record!! Will you help fund my campaign by pre-ordering yours now?? https://t.co/XXoS23eUXZ Yay!!
Double rainbow on the way to San Diego gig http://t.co/uYcInPY8Yu
My new favorite web series!! https://t.co/Mz2HQACJuB
@NoahTarnow Was awesome to see you on Friday. Thanks for hanging out after!
RT @JoesPub: Tonight! @addiebrownlee returns to celebrate the greatest woman alive - @DollyParton! 7PM #IBegYourParton!
RT @NoahTarnow: So lucky tonight to have excellent seats to witness the unstoppable star power of @addiebrownlee at Joe's Pub. http://t.co/4QIuUCuBYv
#IBegYourParton @JoesPub It's here!!!! http://t.co/kmkeEXCtLg @TheBengsons @TaniaE_Fiddle @Henderlightful @KonradMeissner @lightcapbass
NY1 previewed the show today! http://t.co/5HfnD1LHkt #IBegYourParton @JoesPub Friday, Jan. 16th! 7PM Doors at 6PM
RT @TaniaE_Fiddle: I'm playing a #dollypartontribute show with @addiebrownlee Fri Jan 16th 7PM @JoesPub NYC called #IBegYourParton 20% off promo code! DOLLY1
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RT @SecondBolt: This Friday, y'all! 1/16 #IBegYourParton with @addiebrownlee at @JoesPub (special guests @TheBengsons) #Dolly http://t.co/V5KIYbPXxG
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Nothing like 9 to 5 Bloopers in the morning. Can't wait for #IBegYourParton @JoesPub on Friday the 16th! https://t.co/jz5ZO2FUti
Why does @HuffingtonPost think I might like an article about not using toilet paper?
@jillsobule! I openened 4 Martha Wainwright - she was FAB! And it was intimidating. I lip synced 2 Underdog Victorious B4 going on each time
In the elevator - a woman says, "I like your pants!" I say, "Thank you!" She says, "They remind me of my grandpa's golf pants!"
RT @SecondBolt: Awesome to see the insanely talented @addiebrownlee in action tonight at @RockwoodNYC! #nyc #music #secondboltfall
RT @NoahTarnow: So glad I braved the crummy weather to see @addiebrownlee last night. Actual talent is always life-affirming.
@Claret40 @StablesMK @WainBright Hey Clare! Good thing you got the autograph... see you soon I hope!
@simo67uk @PocklingtonArts Thank you Simon! You all were awesome!
@KarenG1967 That was such a fun show! Hope to see you back in the UK soon!
@MJASmith @WainBright @thisistotalmk Hey Mat! Thanks for the kind mention! Be well!
RT @jeremydwilliams: Awesome opening set by @addiebrownlee - like a female @conoroberst Excited for @WainBright now!
@KarenG1967 Looking forward to seeing you next time Karen! Thanks!
@davorg Thanks Dave! You all were a blast! Thanks for the warm welcome!
@jeremydwilliams @SoSoGay @WainBright @sage_gateshead Hey! Thanks for the great review! You are SoSo Awesome!
@KarenG1967 Thank you! Looking forward to coming back!
RT @davorg: Support at "the Lizzie" tonight was @addiebrownlee, who was amazing. Well worth investigating further
RT @jeremydwilliams: Check out my review for @SoSoGay of @WainBright and @addiebrownlee when they played @sage_gateshead http://t.co/LlXblx
Playing a show in London at 7:30 PM today at Queen Elizabeth Hall http://t.co/gDAPqFtDMc
Playing a show in Hebden Bridge at 8:00 PM today at The Trades Club http://t.co/Okowo4QPOz
Addie Brownlee has a show on 11/27/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, UK http://t.co/CBNFYYa9xz #concert
Playing a show in Gateshead at 8:00 PM today at The Sage Gateshead http://t.co/NCaqPI9juq
Addie Brownlee has a show on 11/26/2014 at 08:00 PM @ The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge, WY, UK http://t.co/WQokd5jPAX #concert
Addie Brownlee has a show on 11/25/2014 at 08:00 PM @ The Sage in Gateshead UK, UK http://t.co/n4O93rzrEK #concert
Playing a show in Bristol at 7:30 PM today at St. George's Hall http://t.co/OTUAZK0Dhn
Addie Brownlee has a show on 11/23/2014 at 07:30 PM @ St George's in Bristol, BST, UK http://t.co/KqovIJnenR #concert
Playing an event in Pocklington at 8:00 PM today at Arts Centre http://t.co/pp1pyufr0P
Performing in Ashford at 8:00 PM today at St. Mary's http://t.co/2H627zqJI7
Addie Brownlee has a show on 11/21/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Arts Centre in Pocklington, UK http://t.co/VNnaFWcxxk #concert
Playing a show in Milton Keynes at 8:00 PM today at The Stables http://t.co/4TiuWa7WKt
Addie Brownlee has a show on 11/20/2014 at 07:00 PM @ St. Mary's in Ashford, UK http://t.co/Hdg3IrKTZF #concert
Addie Brownlee has a show on 11/19/2014 at 07:30 PM @ The Stables in Gb, UK http://t.co/aEvUVSWWiK #concert
How I feel about opening for Martha Wainwright @WainBright at @StablesMK on Wed. Nov. 19th!! http://t.co/FQXs2rz7sT
RT @StablesMK: Support artist announced for @WainBright Martha Wainwright on Wed 19 Nov @StablesMK will be @addiebrownlee - for more http:/…
@NoahTarnow Shoot! Thank you!!! Was fun to see you :)
RT @JoesPub: I beg your Parton? @AddieBrownlee sings Dolly!! January 16th here at the pub!
Addie's in the top 20 on the ReverbNation Folk charts for New York, NY! http://t.co/1jL1MR1RT1
Posted a new photo: "Joe's Pub" http://t.co/DwfW6TXQOD
Posted a new photo: http://t.co/cj7uSC8YIu
Posted a new photo: "At Joe's Pub" http://t.co/FeJvgbJ5so
Posted a new photo: http://t.co/oZ0HmIGfpK
Posted a new photo: http://t.co/eTmnpkOgmZ
Playing a show in New York, NY at 7:00 PM today at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 http://t.co/kbqR160J5V
Addie Brownlee has a show on 11/01/2014 at 06:30 PM @ Rockwood Music Hall in New York, NY http://t.co/BiI3UCRKiu #concert
Performing in Peekskill, NY at 6:00 PM today at 12 Grapes http://t.co/mwI2rYW8ko
Addie Brownlee has a show on 10/24/2014 at 07:00 PM @ Ebenezers Coffeehouse in Washington, DC http://t.co/jGTb8GT61r #concert
Jan 11, 2014 Addie Brownlee at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1... http://t.co/8YVIYS6vNv
Addie Brownlee has a show on 10/10/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, UK http://t.co/onbl9qCTj2 #concert
6 new shows announced! http://t.co/t9cfsYunWY
4 new shows announced! http://t.co/t9cfsYunWY
Addie Brownlee has a show on 10/10/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, UK http://t.co/ds4uPgpwH3 #concert
Added a new video: "Addie Brownlee "I Will Always Love You / Blessing" Mashup I Beg Your Par..." http://t.co/hTkaH99zXA #video
Posted a new song: "Addie Pray" http://t.co/Lz7A8IIB3s #music
Nov 01, 2014 Addie Brownlee at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3... http://t.co/b2eWEwZeWe
New show announced in Newtown Square, PA at Burlap and Bean on October 23, 2014 http://t.co/U0HK81lAUc
Playing a show in Kerrville, TX at 1:00 PM today at Threadgill Theater http://t.co/8GEsN6RBwP
New show announced in Kerrville, TX at Threadgill Theater on May 24, 2014 http://t.co/8GEsN6RBwP
Playing a show in Brooklyn, NY at 8:30 PM today at Friends and Lovers http://t.co/lhs0g1yBWC
New show announced in Brooklyn, NY at Friends and Lovers on May 6, 2014 http://t.co/lhs0g1yBWC
Hey pals! No show n LA tonight - my ever proactive calendar tweeted that bc I forgot 2 take it off my website! I'm sorry! Catch u next time!
Playing a show in Los Angeles, CA at 8:00 PM today at Please email info@addiebrownlee.com for directions an... http://t.co/XKEe4Qzn5q
New shows announced in Los Angeles, CA - Knoxville, TN - Johnson City, TN http://t.co/t9cfsYunWY
https://t.co/I8o2MFEd3W Had an amazing time at #IBegYourParton on Friday! Go here and tag yo-selves! @JoesPub
RT @AnnaJaneBishop: @ohheybrittany @addiebrownlee @DollyParton @JoesPub Wish I could be there!! Love your beginners guide to Dolly Parton!
RT @BigBroAbridged: OMW 2 #IBegYourParton w/ @KatieCollinsSur & @caseywooden to hear some good ol' Dolly w/ @addiebrownlee #SoExcited
What WHAT! NY1 previews tomorrows show on "Your Weekend Starts Now" #IBegYourParton http://t.co/MW0BKvZpZw
Had a GREAT rehearsal for #IBegYourParton yesterday. So excited for tomorrow!
Heading to rehearsal today for #IBegYourParton on Friday! https://t.co/cDufTdYH8B
@BigBroAbridged @JoesPub @KatieCollinsSur @caseywooden @homopinionation Excited to see you there!! #DollyParton #IBegYourParton
RT @BigBroAbridged: Excited to go see @addiebrownlee's #DollyParton Tribute show @JoesPub on Friday w/ pals @KatieCollinsSur & @caseywooden…
RT @doNYC: Addie Brownlee's beloved Dolly Parton tribute returns next Friday! Win free tickets here -> http://t.co/ndpdLgCCIa
Just had really fun interview w @ohheybrittany Brittany Spanos @villagevoice for #IBEGYOURPARTON - Thanks Brittany! Don't leave the house!
@doNYC is doing a free ticket giveaway to #IBegYourParton ! Go here to enter to win!! http://t.co/2eOYuFaIaD
RT @SecondBolt: "I've never let a rhinestone go unturned" - @DollyParton. #IBEGYOURPARTON @addiebrownlee @JoesPub Friday, January 17th!
And so excited that Mark Lamb will tell his @TheMoth award winning story, "A Boy and His Dolly" #IBegYourParton http://t.co/mQAaYy4B4k
Special Guests in Two Weeks!! Pete Lanctot & Elizabeth Bougerol of @hotsardines #IBegYourParton http://t.co/pCIssJGZn3
RT @SecondBolt: Already planning our outfits for @addiebrownlee's #IBEGYOURPARTON on Jan. 17th at @JoesPub. Yes, leather is involved. Dolly…
@jenist Are you going to party with us at Dolly's bday bash on Jan 17th?? #IBegYourParton ? https://t.co/v2lCOE43Ln
Addie Brownlee launches Kickstarter Campaign

Addie Brownlee launches Kickstarter campaign - You and Me Abridged - Addie's Making a New Record

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I Beg Your Parton WEST COAST!
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Get Tickets NOW at Joe's Pub for the FOURTH Annual

I BEG YOUR PARTON?! ADDIE SINGS DOLLY! Hey Hey! It's Dolly's Birthday, and we're celebrating like it's 1946! Joe's Pub hosts the fourth annual "I Beg Your Parton?! Addie Sings Dolly"

Can't wait to see you at our THIRD Annual I Beg Your Parton?! Addie Sings Dolly!!
January 17, 2013 08:00 PM
Tickets are on sale now for The Second Annual I Beg Your Parton?! Addie Sings Dolly at The Living Room on Thursday, Jan. 19th. You can purchase yours at TicketWeb.
January 19, 2012 8:00 PM